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The story behind DealPager

Almost 2 years before DealPager we began to promote some items from ebay that we thought were a great value for visitors to one of our web sites.

We found the response overwhelming and received tons of positive feedback as our visitors began to grab the great deals we located for them.

We began to expand our focus to find deals on everything imaginable (a daunting task). As we expanded our focus we began to search and check around 10 million items from eBay every hour or so for the best deals on everything.

Well, some of the most important people at eBay took notice and eBay offered us a deal we could not turn down: A secure connection directly into their database.

As we focused on finding the best deals for our visitors our success grew and we were finding deals for around 90,000 people every day.

Something else happened. Over the course of several months 9,000 emails were sent to us by manufactures, wholesalers, distributors, importers, liquidators and retailers. They wanted to know if we could help them move their merchandise.

The concept for DealPager was born. It has taken almost a year of development effort to take our deal finding methods to the next level.

As we developed DealPager we realized something else. There is so much stuff out there for sale that thousands of deals are never closed. These items can be picked up for next to nothing and yet with the mass of items out there, the deals were buried like a needle in a haystack.

We focused extra attention to unburying these deals for our members.

DealPager is a highly sophisticated, massive, software project that will never be completed.

Maybe one day DealPager will send you a message letting you know of a sidewalk sale of a mall or shopping center that you happen to be driving by that has items you are looking for.

Maybe one day DealPager will send you a message letting you know about a flea market vendor near you that has a rare item you are looking for.

Is it even possible? Nothing is impossible if you are focused and committed.

It's been a two year journey just to bring a complicated system like DealPager to the world. We don't see that journey ending anytime soon.

We wish you great success using our Free tool.
Please join us in our journey,

The DealPager Development Team

P.S. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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