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We search MILLIONS of Deals and notify you for FREE when we find YOUR Deal!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Deal Pager?
Deal Pager is not a specific item but rather our unique system for finding superior deals on a vast variety of products for our members and then notifying them via cell phone, email or pager.

Why do I need a Deal Pager?
In today's busy world your time is very valuable. Deal Pager was designed to search specific deals that you are interested in and notify you immediately when they have been found at the price you want to pay. You specify the deal! You specify what you want to pay! You specify the time you want to be notified!

How do I apply to get a Deal Pager?
It's extremely easy and painless. Simply click here to Sign Up and complete the short form. There are no fees or any cost, its all FREE!

How can this be free, will it cost me any money at anytime?
No, DealPager is free to all members who sign up. We simply ask that you refer friends and/or visit our sponsors.

Do I have to supply you a credit card number to become a member?

Where can Deals notifications be sent to?
We can notify you of new deals at your email address, pager, cell phone or all of these. You let us know where you want deals sent.

Where are these deals from?
These deals are found from major Internet portals, wholesalers, retailers and shopping destinations from around the world.

Do I pay you for the deals I find?
All payments from you to a seller will depend on where the deal was found. Most items can be purchased directly on the sellers' websites. Deal Pager simply finds the deals and assumes no responsibility for each individual transaction; however, we use major Internet portals and premiere shopping destinations. You make the final purchasing decision.

When deal pager finds a deal for the price I want, am I obligated to purchase the deal?
No, you are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase anything at anytime.

Ok, I signed up, what's next?
Once you have signed up for your free membership, simply follow the instructions for how you would like to be notified and during what time of the day you would like to be notified. Input the search terms for the item you are looking for into one of our filters and wait to be notified of the great deals!

What is a filter?
A filter is simply a search box, wherein; you enter specific search terms for the item you are looking for. You can be very specific or very general. Just beware that if you are general you will receive many more notifications, its best to be very specific. You can enter up to 55 characters per filter.

Why do I only have one Filter?
All new members are given one starter filter initially and then given the opportunity to obtain more filters by referring another member or by registering with one of our partners(many which are at no cost). This helps us to keep the site free!

I entered my filter and am not getting any deal pages?
Please make sure you have spelled correctly. Also, try different search terms or broaden your search with more general terms.

I entered my filter search terms and am getting too many emails?
You may have entered to broad and general of a search term. Please go back to your filter and be more specific for the item you are searching for. Possibly, your max price is too high. try lowering it.

If you are going away, and would like to suspend the search, edit the filter and select the disable box. This will suspend searches for that filter until you edit the filter again.

What kind of products can Deal Pager find for me?
We can locate millions of various items, including; collectible dolls, toys, sports equipment, business equipment, digital cameras, cds, dvds, clothing, pottery, jewelry and much more.

I signed up, but have not received my verification email?
If you have not received your email verification within 24 hours, please resubmit your information again. Should the problem persist please .

Can I have more than one Cell phone for my deals to be sent to?
Yes, simply sign up for another account under a separate email address and specify the new cell phone you wish to have deals sent to.

Can I change where deals are sent to?
Yes, from the members area you will have access to make changes to your account, including changing the method of notification.

I can't access my member panel?
Please from the email address you originally signed up from so we can look into the issue should it arise.

I see a list of deals found, now what?
Once deals are found and you have logged back into your account, you will be provided links to each deal. Simply click on the deal you' re interested in and you will be sent to the website that has the deal for sale and all the purchasing specifications.

How do I refer a friend?
Within the members area you will see a link entitled Refer a Friend, simply click on this link and follow the instructions provided. You will receive one credit(filter) for each referral that becomes a fully qualified deal pager member (completes the necessary registration process for one of our sponsors).

The Deal you sent me is no longer available?
Many of our deals sell fast, when you are notified that we have found your deal it is in your best interest to react quickly and get your deal before someone else has.

What is SmartFilter?
The Smart Filter is a unique device to 'learn' what you like and don't like. When you are shown an item you are not interested in check its 'Don't Want' box. When you have gone through each item displayed, click the 'Update Filter' button. Smart Filter will learn from what you have selected, and didn't select. The more items you view, the better Smart Filter becomes in determining what you like and don't like. When Smart Filter has determined enough items are available to make a decision, you may select the aggressiveness setting. The more aggressive the setting, the more Smart Filter will remove items it thinks are unwanted. A setting of Mild will not block any items from display. All items blocked are displayed in black and gray at the bottom of the item list. If you find items that are on the list that you would like to see, just lower the aggressiveness setting. Editing the search phrase will automatically restart the Smart Filter learning process.

What is a filter?
A filter is simply a search box, wherein; you enter specific search terms for the item you are looking for. You can be very specific or very general. Just beware that if you are general you will receive many more notifications, its best to be very specific. You can enter up to 55 characters per filter.

When do I select Don't Want?
Select Don't want when the item is not of the type you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for 'computer' and DealPager finds 'computer books', select Don't Want for this item. As you update the filter, it will learn what you like and do not like.

What is Update Filter?
After we find your deals and list them for your review, you will have the option to indicate you're not interested in that particular deal by clicking on Don't Want (see above FAQ). After you have reviewed all your deals and eliminated those you're not interested in, click the Update Filter button. This enables our filters to learn and return more precise deals.

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