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We search MILLIONS of Deals and notify you for FREE when we find YOUR Deal!

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1. Sign Up
Simply sign up here for your exclusive dealpager membership. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and begin using dealpager. We don't require a credit card or a lot of personal information. It's simple, fast, easy and most important free!
2. Enter what you are looking for
Enter the item or items you are searching for including the maximum price you are willing to pay. Our unique system will work for you and search millions of deals to find your customized deal.
3. We search millions of deals
We will immediately begin searching for your deal based on your specifications. We will continually search for items within your price guidlines until we find your deal!
4. Deals are found
Dealpager works 24 hours a day, seven days a week searching for your deal at the price you want to pay until it finds your great deal.
5. Deal Notification Sent
When we find your deal(s) we will send notification to your email, cell phone or pager letting you know we have found your deal. You can even specify what times of the day you wish to be notified!
6. You grab the deal before its gone
It's up to you to act fast and make sure to grab the deal before someone else does. Most of these deals are hard to find and need to be acted on quickly.

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